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Modern Romance


Modern Romance began, like many a modern romance, with a quick glance that turned into love at first sight. But this time around, in this love story, the glance was between a man and a piano. It began when Dave Peck heard a Hamburg Steinway at Seattle’s Jazz Alley. Peck had recorded two highly-acclaimed live albums at Jazz Alley and thought that maybe he was done with that plan. But when he played this seductive Steinway plans for a live recording were hatched. For Modern Romance, Peck plays with Jeff Johnson on bass, and Joe La Barbera on drums. Though the trio is tackling a set of standard songs the approach is fresh, intuitive, and always harmonically complex. This is Peck’s sixth album in the past twelve years and his style grows more rhythmic and romantic as he continues to evolve as an artist. When Peck finds a truly great instrument, like the one you hear on this recording, he soars.
                                                                                                                                                - Charles R. Cross

1. Bye Bye Blackbird 13:00
2. East Of The Sun 10:59
3. Lover Man 13:00
4. They Say It's Wonderful 8:41
5. If I Should Lose You 7:35Listen!
6. I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good 7:40


Dave Peck - piano
Jeff Johnson - bass
Joe La Barbera - drums

Recorded live at Jazz Alley.
Seattle, Washington
September 11th and 12th, 2007.

Engineered and mixed by
Reed Ruddy
Assistant Engineer
Josh Evans
Protools Engineer
Sam Hofstedt
Mastered by
Ross Nyberg
Design by
Phil Kovacevich
Cover Art by
Preston Wadley
A Less Than Perfect Romance
Additional Photography by
Ron Hudson
Liner Notes by
Charles R. Cross

Hamburg Steinway provided by
Jazz Alley
Tuning by
Susan Willinger Cady
Drums provided by
Steve Korn
Cymbals provided by
Gregg Keplinger

Produced by
Dave Peck and Jane Peck

Thanks to our benefactors
and patrons:
Steve and Andrea Jones
Robert and Lylia Peck
Nancy and Bob Kimberly
Usrah Claar Rice

With thanks to:

Jim Wilke
Studio X
David Sabee
Severin Schultze
Ben Niles
Christina Ratcliff
Drew Hill
Mike Carlson
Mike Jones and CD Forge
Paul de Barros
Arindam Basu
Scotty Crane
Secret Chef

Special thanks to John Dimitriou, Gary Bannister, Rachael Millikan, Fausto Torres, Rob Perry and the Jazz Alley Staff