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Recorded on November 7th-9th 1996 at
Ironwood Studio,
Seattle, Washington
Engineered by Jay Follette

Mixed by Reed Ruddy at
Robert Lang Studios,
Mastered by Ross Nyberg at DiscMaster
Design by Phil Kovacevich
Production Assistance by Chuck Deardorf

Produced by Dave Peck and Jane Peck
Executive Produced by Let's Play Stella:
Fred Wardenburg
Robert and Lylia Peck
Larry Halpern

Special Thanks to Jim Wilke, Dan Dean, John Nelson John Bishop, and William McElroy.

How Deep is the Ocean 8:06Listen!
I Wish I Knew 6:17
Stairway to the Stars 6:35
Young and Foolish 6:48
Detour Ahead 7:01
The Inch Worm 9:26
Yesterdays 7:00


Dave Peck - piano
Chuck Deardorf - bass
Dean Hodges - drums